Opening Night of “Inherit the Wind”

Dear Mr. Crabtree:

My wife and I just returned home from seeing the opening night performance of Inherit the Wind.  Without hesitation we can say that it ranks as one of the best performances we have ever seen at the Playhouse and we have seen plenty. Be assured that we will be recommending this to all of our friends.

To the cast and crew our sincerest congratulations!  We are so blessed for a town the size of Crossville to have such a wonderful world class theatrical venue.  The professionalism of everyone involved ranks with the best we have seen in NYC, Washington, and the West End of London.

We are proud to support and volunteer at the Playhouse and can’t wait to see the new productions as they unfold.

“ITW”, excellent, just excellent!


Sue and Tim Tewalt
October 10, 2014

© 2015 Sue and Tim Tewalt
Used by Permission