CCP Goes to Dayton

Jim and the CCP Family,

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since the Playhouse and Scopes Festival joined forces to produce “Front Page News” in Dayton.

The new music, plus the talented direction, cast members, and stage crew from the Playhouse, combined with the compelling story of the Scopes Trial produced the quality performance for which we have been aiming for many years.

Getting to know some of the Playhouse regulars has been a behind-the-scenes treat for us on this side of the mountain. With the love they have for theatre – and for the Playhouse specifically – it’s no wonder that Cumberland County Playhouse is one of the premiere theatres in Tennessee and the Southeast.

I’m excited about this year’s show and helping bring top-quality programming to Dayton once again.

Best wishes,
Tom Davis
Scopes Festival Chairman

© 2015 Tom Davis
Used my Permission