Some Comments from Daniel Black

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Daniel W. Black is a CCP stalwart, virtually growing up onstage, and has already opened the company’s first production of the golden anniversary season, starring with Patty Payne and Jason Ross in Lori Fischer’s Barbara’s Blue Kitchen.

Daniel: In 1995 and ’96 the Playhouse hosted TennFest: It was a summer filled with three separate shows running, outdoor entertainment and activities for the whole family! I was still new to the theater, an intern. The amount of people that showed up was mind blowing! I’ll never forget that. I could see, even then, that CCP was loved by all…I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful place. I celebrated my 20th affiliated year with CCP just two weeks ago. When I look back at it all, I smile and think, “What a rush…I’m still here…home!”

“Family” is the one word I would use to describe this place!

This writing first appeared in a January 2015 Broadway World article written by Jeffrey Ellis.

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