A Letter from Bobbi Avery

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Dear Cumberland County Playhouse:

A little birdie just old me who nominated me for the Mary’s Gang Award. I was very surprised to be invited to the luncheon and double surprised when you presented me with the award. Thank you, Sam, for nominating me for such a special award. It was an honor to receive it.

I fell in love with the Cumberland County Playhouse from the first time I took Dasa’n to see Cats when he was 6 year old. As the years went by and we went to other plays, I was thrilled when he took an interest in taking classes and trying out for a play. I will never forget when he called me to tell me he got a part in the ensemble for Oklahoma. I was on route to Florida for my 50th high school reunion in 2011 and can remember the exact moment I got the call. I could hardly wait to get back home to take him to rehearsals. When I saw him on stage opening night my heart just burst with pride, as it does to this day.

I not only thank you for the award, but also for your part in making Dasa’n feel welcome at CCP. All of Dasa’n’s family is very happy he is part of the CCP family. There is no better place to be. I cannot get over the amount of amazing talent at CCP and all the extraordinary people who make everything happen so beautifully, on stage and off. So, I’m glad to bring him to classes, rehearsals and the plays. Helping out with the rehearsal dinners is just a small part I can give for the large part you all do.


Bobbi Avery
March 6, 2013

© 2015 Bobbi Avery
Used by Permission