A Letter from Mary Jane Lifsey

by (listed at end)

Dear Jim:

re: Damn Yankees

Well! You and the Playhouse have done it again! My Jim and I saw that amusing play yesterday (Tuesday). Wow! Wow! Wow! Britt is an outstanding director. Not only is Blake an entertaining actor, his voice is exceptional. His and Weslie’s voices blended like P.B. & J.!

Leila was so very believable as Lola. Jason and Carol did not fail to deliver either. The lady sitting next to me said she had seen this play years ago with Jerry Lewis as Mr. Applegate, but this was so much better!

The music, high level of energy with the ball players, and Bill’s believable role playing, as well as the main curtain painting—all contributed to a delightful afternoon. Thank all of you so much. (And you were not bad yourself, Jim!)

After enjoying the Playhouse for over twenty-five years, this is only the second letter of appreciation and praise I have written you. Thank you for attracting such talented performers. An added benefit is to watch these young men and women—like Daniel Black—develop into real professionals. So keep on bringing the Best of the Best to perhaps the best audience. And let’s see some more of you, too!


Mary Jane Lifsey

©2015 Mary Jane Lifsey
Used by Permission